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Our team

Brett, Designer and Co-Owner

An award winning graphic designer with 10 years of experience in the design and art production field with a passion for minimalism. Brett also has a long and storied history within the gaming and LAN community, having played Quake at a competitive level for many years. After graduating from SAA College in 2006, a design career lead him to a more casual approach to gaming.

Tabitha, Production Wizard and Co-Owner

When your clothing arrives in pristine condition, you have this woman to thank. Once was your classic highschool AV nerd, now a hard working mother of 3 that stops at nothing to get our orders shipped out on time, and looking great! Above all else, she has taught us to never underestimate the value of the female perspective.

Gaming Lair/Design Studio

When we create shirts, we strive to appeal to both our inner gamer, as well as our designer souls. All of our designs are created on the simple philosophy of being something that I would personally want to wear. The meta might change, but your designs will stay vibrant and awesome, wash after wash. All of our designs are produced and printed in house, and feature vibrant and durable designs that you will be able to appreciate for years.